Fire Hazard Management for Refineries and Tank Farms

Course Overview

The term Hazard Management refers to the process of Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA), risk ranking and further controlling / reducing the risks to acceptable or tolerable levels.

This course is designed for professionals involved in fire safety in refineries, tank farms and associated facilities. Delegates will gain in-depth knowledge of all aspects of assessing and controlling fire hazards at refineries and associated facilities, thus allowing them to develop, implement or audit appropriate, cost effective fire hazard management practices.

Course Key Takeaway

Evaluate different systems and understand the trade-offs
Understand the fire properties of materials

Improve fire safety during shutdown & turnaround events

Avoid common pitfalls for response units

Who Should Attend

  • Fire Responders

  • Safety Professionals

  • System Design Engineers

  • Fire Protection Engineers

  • Loss Prevention Engineers

  • HSEQ Professionals