Masterclass – Maintenance Planning & Scheduling

Course Overview

The role of Maintenance Planner has changed dramatically over the last 10 years with the introduction of complex CMMS and ERP systems that promise to make life easier. While the introduction of these new and improved systems has increased our ability to gather and disseminate information, most planners and maintenance managers are starting to understand that their lives have become anything but easier. The quality of the outputs from these systems is reliant on the quality of the inputs and these can only be assured if we have a robust management system to support maintenance, engineering and operations.

If organisations are to move toward an asset management environment with a focus on maximising equipment life, then the planner must be seen more as a whole of life Asset Management Planner rather than the Maintenance Planner of old. More and more the maintenance planner is seen as the champion of “The System” but what has been done to improve his or her understanding of the intricacies of asset management in this new technological age? This course is the starting point for that transition.

Course Key Takeaway

Apply a structured approach to planning activities so that they align with the asset and maintenance management framework of the organisation
Explain the fundamentals of asset management and the role that Planners and other maintenance personnel have in ensuring assets are managed to maximise their potential through all the phases of their life cycles

Apply the principles of maintenance budgeting and cost management to influence decision makers into investing in maintenance rather than using it as a lever to cut costs

Identify the “next steps” in maintenance management for an organisation and how equipment reliability can be increased by applying some proven concepts and tools

Who Should Attend

  • Prospective Maintenance Planners
  • Schedulers

  • Experienced Planners

  • Engineers

  • Maintenance Supervisors